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Member Responsibilities

Members of the Society shall meet annually at a time and place for a duration determined by the executive committee. The annual meeting shall have as its chief purpose the exchange of technical and professional information, and shall provide for the transaction of all necessary business of the Society.

Technical papers are presented and discussed by members and invited guests to address questions concerning the authenticity of signatures, the identification of handwriting and typewriting, alterations, erasures, substitutions, the significance of inks, paper, writing instruments, photocopying and electronic printing processes, the application of optical, chemical, photographic, instrumental and archival techniques, and new developments in the sciences and law affecting forensic document examinations.

Copies of technical papers and research data presented at annual meetings are consolidated and made available to Society members and invited guests. The Society also publishes a quarterly Newsletter to its membership reporting items of interest which occur between annual meetings.

It is the duty of each regular, provisional, and affiliate member to attend annual meetings at least once every three years and to participate in programs by presenting papers or performing other services deemed by the executive committee to be equivalent to presenting papers unless extenuating circumstances, stated in writing and approved by the executive committee, prevent the required attendance and participation in meetings. Any member failing to comply with these provisions, after he has been given the opportunity to be heard on the matter, shall be subject to suspension or termination of membership by the executive committee.