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Objectives & Purposes of the ASQDE


The objectives and purposes of the Society and of its members are to foster education, sponsor scientific research, establish standards, exchange experience, and provide instruction in the field of questioned document examination, and to promote justice in matters that involve questions about documents.

To accomplish these objectives, the Society and its members subscribe to the following pursuits:

(a) to establish and maintain high professional standards for ethics, in education, in training, and in work performance;

(b) to engage in and to encourage scientific research and development in document examination and related matters and to disseminate the results by presentation at Annual General Meetings and by publication;

(c) to record, preserve and correlate significant experience in solving questioned document problems;

(d) to improve knowledge and understanding of the work of the document examiner by the public, the bar, the judiciary, and among the forensic sciences; and

(e) to discover prospective document examiners of good character and potential for development, and to assist in their training.