Linton Godown Award for Research

Linton Godown
The Linton Godown Award for Research was created to recognize those individuals who have contributed above and beyond what is expected of a Society member. This award may be made to more than one individual each year. The nominee(s) for the award will be decided by the Executive Committee. The criteria for the award are as follows:
  • The recipient must be a living member in good standing of the ASQDE and may be a Regular, Associate, Corresponding, Life Member, or Life Corresponding Member at the time of the nomination.
  • The award shall only be bestowed on persons who have attained exceptional distinction in terms of producing a body of research which has been of benefit to the profession or demonstrating innovation which has created valid techniques or instrumentation.

           Recipients of the Linton Godown Award for Research

  2010 - Gerald B. Richards
  2012 - William J. Flynn
  2014 - Brian Lindblom
  2016 - Bryan Found