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About the ASQDE

Albert S. Osborn Award

   The Albert S. Osborn Award of Excellence is awarded to recognize those individuals who have contributed above and beyond what is expected of a Society member. 


Linton Godown Award

   The Linton Godown Award for Research is bestowed on members who have attained exceptional distinction in terms of producing a body of research which has been of benefit to the profession or demonstrating innovation which has created valid techniques or instrumentation.


ASQDE Code of Ethics

   ASQDE members are required to maintain a high level of ethical conduct.  The ASQDE was one of the first, if not the first, forensic science organizations to establish a Code of Ethics.


ASQDE Bylaws

The ASQDE Bylaws contain the requirements for membership and other rules of the organization.


Previous ASQDE Meetings

   Read the previous meetings page to learn more about previous meeting locations.  There are links to the program and abstracts for the more recent meetings.


Donations to the ASQDE

   We are a tax-exempt non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contributions to the ASQDE may be tax deductible.  On this page you may make a contribution to the ASQDE.


ASQDE Executive Committee

- EC Committee Page-


Member Directory

   The Member Directory provides names and e-mail addresses for most of our members.


Objectives & Purposes

   The objectives and purposes of the Society and of its members are to foster education, sponsor scientific research, establish standards, exchange experiences, and provide instruction in the field of questioned document examination, and to promote justice in matters that involve questions about documents. 


ASQDE Presidents

   Thirty-two men and women have served the ASQDE as President.  The presidents page has a short biography of each one.


The 2018 ASQDE AGM

   Our annual general meetings include scientific sessions where research is presented and educational workshops.  The upcoming meeting will be held in Park City, Utah.


The Origin of the ASQDE

   The ASQDE traces its roots to 1913, when Albert S. Osborn initiated a program for the interchange of ideas and research information by inviting Elbridge Stein to discuss various questions related to questioned document examination. Through the years a number of other men were added to the group attending these annual meetings. 

    Membership in this informal organization was entirely by invitation. Its meetings were completely educational in scope.  Annual attendance, as well as full participation in the program, were an absolute requirement for a continuing invitation.

   In 1942, Mr. Osborn and fourteen other prominent questioned document examiners formally organized the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners. The ASQDE continues the early traditions of the organization by requiring members to regularly attend and participate in the annual meetings. Guest attendance is by invitation only and guests must also regularly participate as a condition for future invitations.

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Member Responsibilities

   Members of the Society shall meet annually at a time and place for a duration determined by the executive committee. The annual meeting shall have as its chief purpose the exchange of technical and professional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  On this page you will find answers to questions frequently asked of the ASQDE and of forensic document examiners in general.

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